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Advanced Blockchain AG: Investor Letter Q2, Dear Investor sThe second quarter Q2 of has come to a close. Advanced Blockchain AG had a very active second quarter, with numerous internal and external events taking place.

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First, some thoughts on the current state of the industry and the major events that occurred. Besides macroeconomic events such as the Russia-Ukraine war, energy supply shortage, supply chain shock, and alarmingly rising global inflation, there have been three incidents in our industry that have made things even more challenging.

Portfolios are subject to market risk, which is the possibility that the market values of securities owned by the Portfolio will decline and that the value of Portfolio shares may therefore be less than what you paid for them. Market values can change daily due to economic and other events e. It is difficult to predict the timing, duration, and potential adverse effects e.

Algorithmic stablecoins are one bitcoin zukunft concept with which this peg can be maintained.

What backs them is an on-chain algorithm that facilitates a change in supply and demand between them the stablecoin and another cryptocurrency that props them up.

Bitcoin: would we invest your money in it?

To bring UST back to its peg, the Terra protocol allowed users to trade 1 USD worth of LUNA for 1 UST. This trade burned 1 USD of LUNA and minted 1 UST so that users could sell for 1. Then the protocol permitted users to do the opposite: users could buy 1 UST for 0. The massive drain of UST from Anchor onto the open market contributed to major selling pressure and the price of UST went down. Market participants started to sell UST for LUNA which then inflated the market with LUNA.

Therefore, the price of LUNA plummeted. They started selling BTC to defend the peg which accelerated market pressure on BTC. This in turn made the whole market more insecure.

The preferences of institutional market participants in execution venues for trading digital assets. Copy link Link copied to clipboard This report sheds light on the global landscape of trading execution venues for digital assets and aims to provide insights into the current trading rationales of institutional market participants in this space. It offers insights into where institutionals trade digital assets and explores the factors underlying their choices, including the advantages and drawbacks of each of the various digital asset trading venues and execution alternatives. These practices could lead to improved credibility and be a driver for adoption. For the Crypto Trading ReportPwC partnered with Finery Markets and AIMA to survey institutional players engaged in digital assets to identify their preferred platform for trading and executing orders for digital assets.

Celsius Network withdrawals are on hold Celsius Network, a CeFi company a centralized provider that offers access to DeFi serviceswhat crypto to invest in 2022 stopped withdrawals for its customers.

As of May 17, Celsius claimed that it had 1. To generate these returns, on one hand, large portions of Celsius assets were firmly locked onto various DeFi applications for a significant krypto investieren, which made them what crypto to invest in 2022.

On the other hand, probably, various leveraged positions were taken which could not be serviced due to the latest market crash and thus were liquidated. This again, like in the case of the Terra ecosystem, could have led to a downward spiral.

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In April3AC had failed to meet margin calls on several of its undercollateralized loans from crypto lenders such as BlockFi and Genesis. In addition to the leveraged positions that could not be serviced and led to liquidation, 3AC was also an investor in the Terra ecosystem. It is uncertain how many 3AC assets in the form of UST had been locked on Anchor, how quickly they were converted, and therefore how high additional losses were. Furthermore, 3AC holds illiquid assets which were locked onto various DeFi applications for a significant period.

The Terra investment and numerous illiquid assets may have led to 3AC not being able to meet its margin calls.

what crypto to invest in 2022

It is currently still unclear what the future holds for 3AC. The blockchain industry will continue to develop Our industry is still at a nascent stage and gradually, through these turbulent cycles, coming to maturity.

In general, such phases often help reduce leverage for example, as described above and constitute a natural selection in favor of fundamentally strong projects.

Swiss Crypto Investing Days Frühjahr 2022

However, market maturity cycles are not linked to product innovation cycles. For example, inUber, Venmo, Snapchat, and Instagram were created amid the then financial crisis. During this period, there was a blend of technological advancement, talent, and capital amidst financial turmoil — innovation never rests. The industry certainly does not lack talent and capital.

Countless more use cases, regardless of the market situation, will find their product-market fit and thus, due to their massive value adds, turn industries upside down.

NFT kaufen 2022: Das müssen Anleger über Non-Fungible Token wissen

Furthermore, we will continue to support and carefully expand our current investments and projects to cater to current and future needs and market requirements. Internal Updates Advanced Blockchain AG released a statement that addressed shareholder concerns after the negative feedback towards the ad hoc news: Simon Telian will overtake Advanced Blockchain AG as CEO and the group will cut down costs to prepare for the next growth period.

what crypto to invest in 2022

On Friday, Jun. Michael Geike will remain closely affiliated with Advanced Blockchain AG and take on an advisory role.

Advanced Blockchain AG released a profit warning and changes in leadership ad hoc announcement via EQS: Due to recent market setbacks, ABAG announced a legally required profit warning. CEO Micheal Geike and CSO Robin Davids will no longer work in their management positions moving forward.

what crypto to invest in 2022

Through Backd, users can make their assets autonomously reactive to market conditions. The round included prominent blockchain investors such as GSR, Tendermint, Coinbase, Jump Capital, and Spartan Group. Composable Finance positioned itself as a successful player in the DeFi space. This new financing round represents a notable increase in the value of the token position held within the company.

what crypto to invest in 2022

ABAG holds 5. Under the artistic direction of what crypto to invest in 2022 creators, innovative NFT projects are to be implemented based on material from the action press AG catalog of over million images.

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GBC will accompany Advanced Blockchain AG with their continued research and therefore oversee further operational as well as strategic development of the organization. Advanced Blockchain AG announced its incubation of Panoptic : Panoptic will serve as a perpetual, oracle-free options protocol on the Ethereum mainnet.

what crypto to invest in 2022

It enables the trading of options on top of any asset pool in the Uniswap V3 ecosystem — trustless and permissionless. Advanced Blockchain AG will develop, run, and scale Panoptic in line with the vision conceived by Professor Guillaume Lambert. Advanced Blockchain AG released pre-audited annual accounts : According to unaudited figures in the consolidated financial statement for the yearAdvanced Blockchain AG was able to close the year as expected with a significantly improved consolidated net profit of more than 5 million EUR.

The consolidated sales amounts to 17, thousand EUR previous year: 1, thousand EUR were generated in the financial year.

The consolidated net income amounts to 5, thousand EUR previous year: 9 thousand EUR. The reported consolidated equity increased to 12, thousand EUR previous year: 2, thousand EUR.

We received 10 million ALLUO tokens for the early-stage investment made and incubation services. We think Alluo has the potential to make DeFi services more accessible to everyone. It aims to combine concepts from DeFi with TradFi to build game-changing financial products, starting with the IKARUS Protocol as its first product. Advanced Blockchain AG invested alongside other renowned venture funds such as Nexo and Hashkey.

How we will proceed moving forward as a company For the next two quarters until the end of the year, we have set several guidelines according to which we will act. As already announced and partially implemented, we will downsize our organization to essential responsibilities and roles. As personnel costs are what crypto to invest in 2022 biggest cost driver, we have already taken steps to reduce costs extensively, in the short term.

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However, deep industry- and development-expertise remains within the company, ensuring that we do not lose our leading role in the industry, as a Web3 enabler.

Since this is a tough time for the industry as a whole, including for some of our investments, we want to make sure that they receive sufficient support. Therefore, we are in extensive contact with their founders to identify current problems and develop solutions accordingly.

We will also reduce our investment activity and focus on projects that precisely fit our investment thesis and have a resilient team in place. For the time being, no new incubation effort will be made, and if so, only those that can be covered internally with manageable effort will be birthed.

We have a strong portfolio of incubations with a variety of different use cases, each solving a specific problem in the market.

what crypto to invest in 2022

Now, more than ever, the focus is on developing these projects, securing further rounds of funding, and ultimately building profitable and scalable businesses in the long term. Overall Market Outlook As already mentioned, market and product development cycles differ. It is uncertain how and when the macroeconomic situation will change. However, Advanced Blockchain AG has various valuable assets, ranging from software code, to IP, and rare licenses.

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These internal resources are being utilized to develop disruptive technology and empower entrepreneurs. Therefore, the inherent and added values of our projects and investments are steadily increasing.

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Once the market regains momentum and our scaling solutions, essential infrastructure, and talent and capital are advanced enough, these product innovations will unfold their appropriate values. We will take all necessary measures to protect our company and shareholders in these difficult times and emerge even stronger from this crisis. Thank you for your trust! The Advanced Blockchain AG Team.